How to prepare for a Soul Healing Encounter

Thank you for your interest in a Soul Healing Encounter. Please understand, that this will be a deep, transformational and life changing experience.

In this transformational Healing Encounter you will release patterns, fears and pains that you might or might not be aware of. It is a journey fully relying on Divine Guidance; a journey that makes a step into the unknown for both of us. You will experience this as you open your heart; more space will be created for Grace, joy and peace to enter into your life.

Here are some guidelines to make the Healing Encounter a beautiful experience for both of us. This is what you can do from your side to support an easy flow for the session:

  • Drink A LOT of water the days before and on the day of the Healing Encounter. This helps in opening and moving energies during the Healing. You can take care of your bathroom needs during the Encounter. Couple of liters will be sufficient.
  • Please refrain from drinking any coffee. Coffee creates a strong nervous exhilaration and keeps your awareness somewhere out and away from your body. If you are “up there”, not with yourself, accessing you is extremely difficult for us. It’s an absolute NO for the same day of the session, and the least you have taken the days before, the better.
  • The same counts of course for all other kind of drugs. Also please keep sugar intake to minimum.
  • Have light, healthy food if eating right before the Encounter. Fruits, juices and salads are the best choice.
  • During the healing encounter, please keep your cell phone(s) “SWITCHED OFF” or in airplane mode. Not just on silent. The radiation can be disturbing for the session. Please also switch off your Wifi and other electronic devices, if possible, unless you are receiving session through a videocall.  Remove your quartz watch during the session.
  • If the Healing Encounter is going to happen at your place, prepare a nice and quiet space for it. Make sure, that there is no disturbance from other people during the session. It is beneficial that it’s a luminous, clean and ventilated space. You will lay down on a bed or mattress, and I will sit on a cushion or chair next to it. A candle and some natural incense are also welcomed.
  • For online encounters headphones with a microphone attached are usually the best so you can lay down comfortably and do not need to strain to hear or to speak. If it’s possible it is good if I can have a visual view of you lying down during the session, however it is not necessary; the session can also be done entirely without a video. A good internet connection and clear audibility are essential, although the healing energy will penetrate through occasional disturbances in connectivity. Please test that these practical aspects are functioning well prior to the session, so we do not need to lose time or postpone the healing encounter for this.
  • Before the encounter you might want to create some time to be by yourself and inquire into that which you are ready to let go, release and surrender. You might want to take a walk in nature, or just be some time in silence. This helps you to stay more calm and connected.
  • After the encounter your aura energy field is very open, make sure to take a long shower (maybe with some lemon juice infused water) before any other activity. If swimming in the ocean is an option, that’s the best for cleaning, regeneration and relaxation.
  • Keep also some quiet time free of duties and meetings after the Healing Encounter.
  • After the Encounter you will receive some suggestions how to reap the most lasting benefit from it.

Thank you so much for your courage to heal the world through your own transformation!

                                                                                                     In loving Peace and Kindness,