Transformative Soul Healing Encounters

All of our feelings and what we experience at any given moment always stem from our previous experiences and the beliefs and programs formed from them. Even if we have the best and highest intentions, as long as our beliefs live unconsciously within us, they control everything we do and say; thus preventing us from expressing our true heavenly nature, as well as creating the reality that we would like to happen. The only way out of the vicious circle we create for ourselves through our beliefs is to become aware of these hidden programs and then let them go. In Soul Encounters, I connect with a higher consciousness, from which, guided by the information I receive, I work with the recipient of the session to dismantle the pattern, emotional block or trauma, which is then the most preventing the authentic expression of their soul. This transformative work uses the power of spoken truth as its key. By voicing their inner truth, a person’s soul is freed from the stuck feelings and those ingrained beliefs they have been holding. During the encounter, I guide the recipient from their relative truth to a higher truth. The recipient experiences a feeling of liberation and peace, and gets a deeper connection with himself.

Session are available both remotely via video call and at my place in Billnäs. Occasionally it is possible to book a session during my visits to Turku, Helsinki or Tampere, although there may be a small addition to the price for renting a session space. It is also possible to organize days in different parts of Finland when I can come and do group healing session or, if there is interest in it, several individual sessions of friends on the same day. Online sessions are just as effective and powerful as face to face meeting as the work is verbal. They also have the added benefit that you get to do them in the privacy of your own home, and you do not need to deal with traveling particularly after the session

Sessions are available in English and Finnish, in person or via video call.

Prices for Healing Encounters:

  • 90 minutes: Deep Soul Encounter – €140
  • 60 minutes: Quick power session – €100

The depth of the treatment is highly dependent on the length. The longer the time, the deeper we can go. In a 60 minute session we can cover a lot of ground already, though the depth cannot be the same as in a longer session. If you don’t have anything too heavy going on in your life and are maybe simply looking for more clarity, insights or the next push for your healing, or you feel curious and just want to try a treatment then the Quick Power session can be a good option. However for those who are seriously wishing to let go of deep patterning I would definitely recommend a 90 minute Encounter.

For most people, already just one session gives a big leap forward and helps release them into a completely new state of being. However, if you feel that you might need more than one session, you can contact me and we can discuss a serial session package, the appropriate price and (if necessary) the payment schedule. If you are not sure which session you would like, it is also possible to just make an appointment and then decide during the session how long to go on