Path of the Heart Retreat

let go of self-limiting beliefs
▪free yourself from unwanted behavioral patterns
▪identify and open your feelings
▪silence your mind
▪create a connection with your inner guidance

This is done in an easy and intuitive learning by doing process. You will discover how to cooperate with Higher consciousness and the guidance of your soul to free yourself from the limiting beliefs and programs that have accumulated in your cellular memory, and which subconsciously direct your life. You will have several opportunities to practice what you have learned under Raani’s guidance. You will learn how to unlock in yourself and in other people, even the most stubborn programs and blockages that sabotage our life expression in the peace and contentment that is our true self. During the retreat each participant gets to practice giving a session as well as receiving one. This way you get to experience this work from both sides; both as a giver and as a receiver. This is the basis for learning how to work with yourself. We will also do other exercises connecting us into the heart.
The entire retreat will be a powerful heart opening experience, where you will receive deep transformative healing and the opportunity to break free from the beliefs and programs that have controlled you for a long time.

-Learning how to recognize and work with our feelings and thoughts.
-Raani works with the group, releasing beliefs and programming as needed.
-Practicing working with others in small groups or in pairs, opening our emotions and releasing our beliefs. Through this we learn how to work with ourselves.

The retreat is suitable for everyone regardless of level of experience or spiritual background; you just need an open mind.

After the retreat, it is possible to participate in regular practice groups, where, under the guidance of Raani, you get to practice what you learned on the retreat. In this way this does not just remain one technique among others that will not be used for one reason or another.